MPC Training and Monetization Techniques

If you’ve tested other Mass Page Optimization Tools and found them lacking in one form or another, MPC (Mass Page Creator) will be a refreshing change. But all that power needs to be controlled and used strategically for best ranking results. If you feel you can use some training on Mass Page Creator, here’s your chance.

Of all mass page tools in existence on the web Mass page Creator (MPC) is the only one that gives you FULL CONTROL of how you build your pages.

Everything else out there uses cookie cutter techniques that sooner or later get slapped silly by Google. You probably already know this... or you've seen it happen yourself. Mass Page Creator gives you the kind of power to never have this experience! But if you want to get the maximum benefit and profit out of your web pages, you need training. Training on how to use MPC to the max

Who Am I and Why Can I Teach You MPC?

I started way back in 2010 with Mass Page Creation. Back then I was using an archaic piece of software that was able to build hundreds of thousands of pages on your computer, which you then needed to upload to your hosting account or server with all the headaches that came with that. I still quickly became a ninja with it and started making templates for other users. That software soon became ineffective and I abandoned it.

I understood the raw power of being able to build 1000's of pages that would index, rank and start converting quickly. I had in fact developed an appetite for this type of seo. It was quick, easy and I could do it over and over again. So I had to find a way to replace the old software. My first thoughts were to build my own Mass Page Creator Software to accomplish the task. But then a friend pointed me to MPC.

After seeing all the great features of the MPC software, I contacted Larry Sherman. The genius behind the Mass Page Creator software.

Larry and I became friends quick and I started learning MPC from the ground up. From 2012 onwards Larry and I (and later Steve Sohn) have been in daily contact exchanging ideas how to improve and enhance the power of MPC.

I started off helping new comers to MPC get to grips with the software, but this soon escalated in to a full fledged course that would take any beginner and turn them into a true MPC NINJA in 4 hours flat. While the course was (and still is) fun for me to do, it soon started cutting into my production time. This meant I had to find another way to help newcomers to MPC. The result is this Mass Page Training Course wich will take you from novice to expert in the least amount of time.

Why You Will Love The Training?

From initial installation to monetization, this course will cover everything you want to know about MPC from beginning to end. Our training will cover the difference between the SHOTGUN Method, SNIPER Method and SNOWBALL Builds of using Mass Page Creator Software.

Example of the traffic you can generate with MPC

That is over 15000 visitors per week I know it sounds incredible, but 3 and a half years of tracking and a manual review by Google to boot, is no fluke! You really can get this level of traffic with a mass optimized site. Do you think you could make money with traffic like this?

Set up your pages for multiple sales per day.

When you know how to set up your MPC Pages the right way, you can expect multiple commissions per day from the same website. The high level of uniqueness you can achieve with Mass Page Creator assures that.

Learn the secrets of using multiple source files and source file groupings...

This is just one of the areas where MPC beats out all other Mass Page Tools on the market. All of them will only support 1 single source-file/template. With MPC you can have unlimited source files.

With proper training there is no limit to what you could do with MPC. Even if just a smaller portion of your pages ranked on the first page in the search results for their respective keywords you will make money. Can you imagine how much better you'd do if you went through this course?

What You'll Learn

Easy To Use
I teach you to go from novice to an expert power user in a methodical way that leaves nothing to chance.

High Conversions
Easily set up high converting, high traffic, low bounce pages that stick high up in the search engines.

Beautiful & Responsive
Discover how you can easily take any web page, from any website and turn it into your perfect landing page.

Learn at your own pace, follow the training and take action. Everything gets recorded for you.

Full Time Income
Discover how you can make a full time income from building the perfect MPC asset every single time.


Authority Sites
Stop using BS tools that get you de-indexed as fast as your pages are up. I have passed manual reviews... yes!

Drive more leads to your pages...

Make your clients love you by driving countless leads to their offers. One of the main problems with other page builders is the cookie cutter approach to the way they work. In this course you will discover how you can easily avoid this major pitfall and build pages that last for many years and keep bringing in sales on almost autopilot.

Be found everywhere...

In my training you learn to build the kind of pages that appear over and over for your keywords. Not one of my students has ever had any pages de-indexed... EVER! Every site you build after going through the MPC video course, will become a long lasting asset, generating you money for a long time to come.

Special Bonus... One Hour Free Consultation On Your First Project

After you've gone through the training and set-up your first MPC Campaign, you can contact me for a one hour one-on-one session to go over your project. I will look over your project and make sure everything is as it should be to avoid any errors or mistakes. I will look over your project for the proper alt tags, interlinking and other points that enhance your on-page seo.